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Pulsed UV Germ-killing Robot



Eliminate COVID-19


The PulseStrike 360 UV disinfection robot has several thousand times more germicidal UV pathogen killing intensity than mercury UV, delivering intense germicidal action from 200-315nm. The pulsed ultraviolet light generated by it is capable of killing novel coronavirus, C.diff, MRSA, VRE, and other MDROs within just 5 minutes.

Full Specifications

1. Pulsed Xenon Lamp:

  • Frequency: 2Hz
  • Terminal Volt: >2500V
  • Lamp Life time: >4M times

2. High Voltage Capacitor:

  • Charge-discharge: 50M times
  • Auto monitoring, reminding the capacitor situation and replacement

3. System power:

  • Input power: 220V/50HZ
  • Input power consumption: 1200W

4. Light wave length: 200 – 315nm cool light

5. Disinfection effect

  • 5mins to kill within 2 meters MRSA and VRE > 99.9%
  • 5mins to kill within 1 meter Acinetobacter baumannii > 99.9%
  • 5mins to disinfection 25sqm

6. Disinfection time

  • Disinfection time depends on room size in 5 – 15 mins
  • Startup countdown setup to let the operator leave
  • Finishing countdown and monitoring through remote tablet

7. Smart lamp management

8. Integrated smart cooling system to extramely expand the lamp life time

9. Plug and play, no need to warm up

10. 7” touch panel control tablet for:

  • Disinfection status monitoring, reminding, lamp up and down, start sparkling, stop sparkling, system setting, parameter setting etc.
  • Smart management software for functions and data restore and analyze and warning.
  • Ozone filter and dissolve net to dissolve ozone

11. Noise <65DB

12. NW: 80KG GW: 90KG

13. Dimension: 47x50x115cm

14. Warranty:


  • Main body: 24 months
  • Xenon lamp: 12 months

PulseStrike 360 uv bacteria-killing robot breaks down the DNA-structure of the pathogens with the pulsed xenon ultraviolet, which has an extensive range of germ-destroying UV (200-315nm) including both UV-B (280-315nm) and UV-C (200-280nm). It’s deadly to COVID-19, C. diff, MRSA, VRE, and other MDROs and kills them extremely fast in as little as 5 minutes.


  • Pulse Xenon light, 360° disinfection coverage, safe, efficient, fast and cost-effective
  • Intelligent cooling system to ensure longer xenon bulb life
  • Sterilize everything in its proximity and disinfect the areas which are often missed by sanitization teams
  • 7-inch touch screen, cloud-based intelligent software management system
  • Wireless remote control, easy controls of the robot with the software on the phone
  • The Intelligent safety sensor turns off the UV light when motion and heat are detected
  • The system is ready to use and ready to go
  • 5-15 minutes rapid disinfection process without any harmful residue
  • Advanced ergonomic design, easy to replace the xenon bulb
  • Full-band pulsed ultraviolet (200-315nm) and full-spectrum disinfection and sterilization technology to create a germ-free environment

Hospital Sterilization Germ-killing Chamber

The Germ-killing Chamber is powered by PulseStrike360, making it effortless to disinfect high-touch, mobile, and reusable equipment. Put them in the chamber, turn on PulseStrike360, 5 minutes later, the equipment will be free of germs like COVID-19, C.diff, MRSA, CRE, VRE, and other MDROs.

  • The hospital sterilization Germ-killing Chamber disinfects high-touch equipment in hospitals such as Isolettes, Ventilators, Ultrasounds, Vital Sign Monitors, Wheel Chairs, and Mobile Work Stations
  • 360° pulsed Xenon UV light coverages made easy by the highly reflective aluminum-bonded fabric. Even the small areas and shadowed surfaces are disinfected
  • Lightweight, foldable, and durable. Easy to set up. It takes up very little room. Suitable for use in hallways and corridors
  • Destroy all pathogens, including novel coronavirus, C.diff, MRSA, VRE, and other MDROs within just 5 minutes
  • Cold light technology. No damage to the equipment


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